Zebra Blinds ZB91052


Zebra Blinds ZB91052


1. The concept of curtain curtains: Curtain curtains are also called roll curtains, it is similar with the blinds, in office space, office buildings, banks and so on have been widely used for the traditional fabric around open and close curtains, Roller curtains are curled up by curling up the curtains. With the diversification of soft design, today's shutter curtains will also be used in home decoration.
2. Curtain curtain fabric: Today, the market curtains curtain fabric with sun fabric, semi-shading fabric and all shade fabric three. Sunshine fabric: sunshine curtains curtains, and in the cross-view fabric, is to use a special method of weaving, polyester polyester and PVC synthesis of the curtain curtains for the most common. This curtain curtain curtain is effective in blocking the UV, but also through the shutter curtains to see the outdoor landscape. Semi-shade fabric: As the name implies, semi-shading fabric curtain curtains can cover the eyes, although not see the outdoor scene, characters, but light exposure, can effectively play a blocking ultraviolet effect, but the fabric curtain curtain More common, the fabric is slightly worse. All Shade Fabrics: All Shade Fabrics Curtain curtains are the most common type of office decoration, and it has a good shading effect. At present, this kind of fabric curtain curtain curtain is divided into silver all shading, uncoated full shading and painted all white shade and so on.

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