Zebra Blinds


Zebra Blinds


1. Full shade zebra shade, using a full shading fabric, can achieve 100% shading effect.
2.  Zebra curtains, also known as soft yarn curtains, rainbow curtains, Rouesi, dimming shutter, double shutter.
3. Zebra curtain collection of the warm cloth, roller shutter simple, blinds dimming function integration. Imitation linen zebra, using imitation linen fabric, shading effect than half shade zebra shade better, up to 75%. 4. According to the different effects of fabric shading can be divided into semi-shading zebra shade, imitation linen zebra and full shade zebra curtain.
5. Hundreds of curtains, honeycomb curtains, venetian blinds, Korean zebra curtains, Shangri-La screens, Shachuang, electric canopy curtains, such as shutter.
6. Semi-shading Zebra curtain, one of the most common zebra curtain style, is made of polyester polyester fabric and has good light permeability and ventilation effect. It can be widely used in office, coffee shop, home and other places.

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